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TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM To request an official transcript please complete the information below Your Name Your Name while attending The Art Institute of Colorado Address City/State/Zip Phone Number Email Address Dates of Attendance Student ID Program s Graduation Date if applicable Official transcripts are 5. 00 each and unofficial transcripts are free. Each official transcript will be mailed in a separate sealed envelope. Please allow a minimum of five working days for processing official...
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Run about my name is Rhonda Belle I study photography at the artists to Philadelphia I went to school for teaching medical assistant nursing I did number of things and you know I thought I'll always be a teacher but never thought I could have a successful career as a photographer I discovered my passion for photography do flower shows and I was taking pictures on a cell phone another photographer he was like he asked to see my pictures and I'm like I'm sure so he looks to my pictures and he finds thousands of pictures and he's like you have a gift he should go to school and the back of my mind I'm like go to school to take pictures man I don't think this is is wise i'm doing fine on my cell phone why would I do that it happened three years in a row had different photographers come up to me look at my pictures and saying you have a talent you should go to school well after I graduated it pretty much was like a step out of one door and his step into another door my first assignment first day at work was a group shot and literally just got finished doing that in a class called location it literally was to me another class assignment so it's super easy it feels amazing and it just tells me that I've made the right decision I made the right decision by coming to our Institute I made the right decision by choosing photography it just it just backs that I made the right decision of what I chose to do as a career you